Become a Volunteer Diver for the Oregon Coast Aquarium!

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is currently recruiting divers for the Volunteer Diver Program. If you are an active cold water diver and are interested in honing your skills, staying active as a diver and giving something back, we invite you to join our next recruiting training program. This training includes the Habitat Diver Specialty Course and the Volunteer Diver Orientation Course.


tunnelPADI Habitat Diver Specialty
This PADI Distinctive Specialty has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the dive program at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and is required of all prospective volunteer divers. 

The curriculum includes: watermanship/scuba skills evaluation, full face-mask and underwater communications, underwater naturalist skills, buoyancy and aquarium diving techniques, and tending training.  The course includes classroom and pool sessions, plus four Aquarium dives. Divers who complete the course receive the PADI Habitat Diver Specialty certification card.  

The fee for this Specialty Course is $175.00

Upon completion of the Habitat Diver Course, suitably qualified divers will be invited by the Aquarium to attend an Orientation Course to join the dive program. Divers that might need more experience or skill development will be offered options for remedial training and skill development.


full face maskVolunteer Diver Orientation Course
The Orientation Course includes: an induction session on the volunteer program benefits, history, structure and mission of the Aquarium; policies and procedures; a tour of the Aquarium behind the scenes; incident and emergency  management procedures; role of the surface tender and shift captain; a session on animal husbandry techniques and water quality; scientific diving; shark diving policies/techniques; a shark behavior observation session; and a tour of diving exhibits in the main building galleries, aviary and mammals.  There is no cost for this course.

Habitat Diver Specialty Course prerequisites:

Divers joining the Volunteer Program must also complete an O2 course within the first 3 months.

Contact:  Diana Hollingshead – Eugene Skin Divers Supply – 1090 W. 6th Ave, Eugene, OR – 541-342-2351 –

PADI Habitat Diver Certification Class for the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Certification dives in Newport, OR at the Oregon Coast Aquarium on the weekend following class. Please contact ESDS for more information. 541-342-2351.