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Course Fee
Includes: all classroom and pool training and the use of tanks and weights.

Does not include: Books, manuals, slates, PADI processing fee, other diving equipment, transportation, entry fees to open water sites, lodging and meals.

You will need to complete a PADI IDC application form and submit a
The balance will be due the first day of the course.

Assistant Instructor Course

Congratulations on your decision to become a PADI Assistant Instructor. This course will likely be one of the most challenging diving programs you’ve taken, but at the same time it will be one of the most rewarding.

The AI course consists of 7 instructor presentations, 2 candidate classroom presentations, 2 candidate confined water presentations and 2 open water presentations.

In addition there are workshops, a skill circuit evaluation and more.

To help get prepared, you will need to spend some time at home studying. Using the materials found in your professional student kit easily completes this. Your independent learning materials will guide you through all of the necessary material in an easy and efficient manner. As you will soon discover there is a tremendous amount of information that will be reviewed over a short period of time so you will want to come prepared.

Finally, we want you to have fun! There’s nothing more exciting and gratifying than teaching others about the fun, adventure and excitement of diving. We welcome you to the course and plan to do everything in our power to help you succeed.

The course is composed of 7 staff presentations and six candidate presentations: 2 microteaching, 2-confined water and 2 open water. You will also perform the PADI Skill Circuit (20 skills) and be evaluated on the "demonstration quality" of each skill. In addition you will be taking a PADI Standards and Procedures Exam and a PADI Theory Exam. You’ll be allotted 1½ hours per exam.

Time Frame
There will be an evening orientation session followed by one full day, two evenings and one more full day at the open water site. Your instructor will provide you with “The Calendar of Excitement” that will provide you with the specific schedule of events.

Refund Policy
Cancellations made less than two weeks before the course will result in a forfeit of the deposit. There will be NO refunds after the starting date of the course.  

Independant Learning
Prior to the start of the AI or OWSI course you will need to complete all of the 16 Knowledge Review found in the IDC Workbook. This can be accomplished by self study using the PADI Instructor Manual, Business of Diving, Law and the Diving Professional, The Best of the Undersea Journal and referring to recent Undersea Journal
articles in the Instructor Candidate Workbook.


To enroll in the AI course you must:

1. Be certified as a PADI Divemaster or hold a leadership level certification with another recreational diver training organization.

2. Be at least 18 years of age.

3. Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement for Diving medical examination conducted within the past 12 months. A licensed physician must sign the form and state that you are fit for diving. The physician signing the form may not be the applicant.

4. Have been a certified diver for at least six months and have completed and logged at least 60 open water scuba dives (as documented in your log book) and have documentation of experience in deep, night and navigation diving.

5. Submit proof of CPR and First Aid trainingwithin the past 24 months.

6. Submit documentation of any equivalent certification for entry-level, advanced, rescue and leadership-level issued by another recreational diver training organization.

7. If not a PADI Divemaster, successfully complete the PADI Divemaster course diver rescue skills assessment.

Performance Requirements
To be certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor you must meet the following performance requirements:

1. Attend the seven IDC AI curriculum components.

2. Present at least two evaluated knowledge development-teaching presentations and score a 3.5 or higher on at least one presentation.

3. Present at least two evaluated confined water teaching presentations and score a 3.4 or higher on at least one presentation.

4. Present at least one integrated (two-skills) evaluated open water teaching presentation and score a 3.4 or higher on each skill.

5. Demonstrate competence at performing all 20-dive skills listed on the Skill Evaluation. You must earn 68 points, with no individual score below a 3.

6. Score 75% or higher on the Assistant Instructor Standards Exam and have any missed questions reviewed until mastery is achieved. Scores less than 75% require a retest.

Note: Completion of all independent learning Knowledge Review is a prerequisite.

Required Materials

  • Current PADI Instructor Manual

  • Current Instructor Candidate Workbook

  • Encyclopedia of Diving

  • Diving Knowledge Workbook.

  • Business of Diving

  • Peak Performance Specialty Outline

  • Project AWARE Specialty Program Outline

  • Coral Reef Conservation Outline

  • Current PADI Open Water Diver Manual

  • Recreational Dive Planner (Table and eRDPml)

  • Current Open Water Diver Quiz and Exam Booklet

  • Current PADI Adventures in Diving Manual

  • Current PADI Rescue Diver Manual

  • Rescue Diver Final Exam

  • Current PADI Divemaster Manual

  • Divemaster Exam

  • Confined Water Aquatic Cue Cards

  • Open Water Aquatic Cure Cards

  • Confined Water Lesson Preparation Slate

  • Open Water Training Dive Lesson Slate

  • Aquatic Cue Cards - for Open Water, Adventures in Diving, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Discover Scuba

  • Log Book (Adventure Log, Pro Version Recommended)

You will need to provide your own:

NOTE: Day to day attire should be that of a diving professional. No lewd clothing will be allowed.

You will be expected to maintain a positive attitude and work in a friendly manner with your fellow candidates and the instructor.

Because there is a tremendous amount of material to cover in the course, you will need to come to class prepared and on time.


Optional Dive Theory Online
During your Divemaster course, you learned about Dive Theory (Physics, Physiology, Skills & Environment, the Recreational Dive Planner and Equipment). If you plan to continue your education and attend the OWSI (Open Water Instructor Course) and the PADI IE (Instructor Exam), you will once again be evaluated on your knowledge of these topics. The Dive Theory Online provides an excellent opportunity for you to refresh and refine your dive theory knowledge. Note: there is a separate fee for this service.

To purchase the Dive Theory Online, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Visit, choose Dive Theory from the drop down menu and click on “Start Today”

Step 2: Create an account if you have never taken a PADI eLearning course before

Step 3: Fill out credit card information for your purchase

Step 4: Begin the Dive Theory Online course



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