Bonaire 2024

Drive and Dive Package

March 23rd thru 30th

We're going back to one of our favorite places in March 2024 - Bonaire.  For this trip we are staying at the wonderful Belmar Oceanfront Apartments.  Dive with us on the jewel of the Caribbean.  With as many as 60 officially listed dive sites on Bonaire and another 20 dive sites on Klein Bonaire, diving in Bonaire is spectacular.  And staying at the Belmar Oceanfront Apartments is the best way to enjoy the island.  The dive operation at Belmar Oceanfront Apartments is geared up for you to make the most out of your dive vacation. With a fleet of custom dive boats and a well stocked ‘Drive Thru’ offering air and nitrox tanks, every divers needs can be satisfied.  Bonaire’s sea abounds with beautiful marine life and a fascinating variety of multi-colored tropical fish. The sea is remarkably calm and conditions are superb for both scuba diving and snorkeling.

On average, Bonaire’s visibility exceeds 100 feet (30 meters) and our average water temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (29c). The fringing reef begins close to the shore, usually a short 30 feet (10 meters) swim or less, making Bonaire world renowned for its ease of shore diving.

Bonaire’s waters offer something special for every diver. Novice divers will appreciate the calm waters, reefs that run parallel to shore, and minimal currents. These conditions make it an ideal location to really work on improving those buoyancy skills! And the abundance of marine life living along the shallow drop-off area of the reef slope allows for maximum bottom time, while giving new divers an opportunity to develop a level of comfort and confidence in their newly learned skills.

Nitrox gas is readily available and certified Enriched Air Nitrox divers will benefit on multi-dive days.  And, a request from the operators on the island, “to help us keep our reef environment healthy for many years to come, we do encourage all divers traveling to Bonaire to familiarize themselves with the Marine Park Regulations prior to their visit.”

We need to be on the island March 23rd thru the 30th of 2024.  Call today to reserve your place on a must attend diving adventure.


The Package Includes:

  • - Accommodation for 7 nights
  • - Rental vehicle (Pick-up truck or van) for 7 days (insurance included). 1 vehicle per unit. Driver age must be 23
  • - Welcome drink and managers rum punch party
  • - Airport transfer to/from airport
  • - All government taxes


Diver Package Also Includes:

  • - 6 days of unlimited air fills
  • - Free unlimited nitrox for nitrox certified divers


Diver Package Also Includes:

  • - 6 Valet boat dives available for an extra charge - For example 3 days x 2-tank boat dives add $399 to the dive price.


The Package Does Not Include:

  • - Airfare
  • - Food
  • - $40 Bonaire Marine Park fee not included and must be paid separately
  • - $75 Bonaire Tourist tax not included and must be paid separately
  • - Travel insurance (required)
  • - Dive Accident Insurance (required)


Starting at


(based on 4 person, 2 bedroom apartment)
Non-diver rates also available

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Additional Facts About Bonaire:

1. Bonaire’s National Marine Park was founded in 1979 and includes the underwater world around Bonaire and even around Klein Bonaire.

2. Bonaire’s Washington Slagbaai National Park comprises of two former land plantations, Washington & Slagbaai. These two plantations once supplied salt, charcoal, aloe extract, and goats for export to Curaçao and Europe.

3. The island has over 22 beaches, of which some sometimes disappear and appear. This depends on the tides and other natural causes like wind and waves.

4. Many people have seen dolphins swimming by between Bonaire and Klein Bonaire.

5. Yellow painted rocks on the side of the road or along the coast mark the dive sites on Bonaire.

- yellow rocks facts about bonaire

6. These yellow rocks can also indicate ‘do not enter’. This is because, for example, it is a marine reserve that does not allow snorkelers or divers. It could also be because birds lay eggs in that area and you are not allowed to walk there.

7. Did you know it is possible to go hiking on Bonaire? You can hike various trails in the North of Bonaire. For example the Dos Pos Trail or the trail via Gotomeer.

8. Sometimes, people on Bonaire come across an iguana chilling in their swimming pool. It looks pretty funny to see an iguana swim!

9. Scuba Diving Magazine’s Annual Readers’ Choice Awards recognized Bonaire as the number one Shore Diving Destination in the Caribbean/Atlantic for the 24th consecutive year!

10. There is a flip-flop tree on Bonaire that has at least 150 flip-flops! Though has anyone ever counted them?

11. Bonaire has colorful, healthy coral reefs all around the island AND around Klein Bonaire!

12. Even though the temperature almost never drops below 25oC (77oF), Bonaire has snow-like mountains!

13. It takes a few days for a ship to load thousands of tons of Bonaire’s salt onto the ship via a conveyor belt. And if it is raining, the conveyor belt has to stop.

14. The stories of 10-15 workers having to sleep in the slave huts around 1850 are not true. Studies prove that each hut was often occupied by only 1 or 2 workers.

15. Because of Bonaire’s own water filtering system, tap water in almost all houses and hotels on Bonaire is good for consumption and delicious!

16. Last of all, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire confirmed a total of 114 healthy turtle nests in 2016, which makes 2016 the highest nesting year ever for STCB!

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